Mission Statement

Christ is our journey;  Christ is our task; Christ is our life.

Our church: its beginnings and continued growth

The history of our congregation goes back to the year 1890, when Rev. Sorde, the Norwegian pastor from Ishpeming, came to Pequaming twice a month, holding meetings in the various homes, and caring for the spiritual needs of the people in those brief visits. > Read more about our history

Worship Services

Sunday Morning – 10:00 am (ET)
Sunday School at 10 a.m.; Adult Bible Study at 9 a.m.
Monday Evening – 6:00 pm (ET)

What’s New?

March Newsletter is available – click here to view

Ash Wednesday Worship
Ash Wednesday Worship will be on Wednesday, March 6th at 6 p.m. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Mid-week Lenten Worship
There will be Mid-week Lenten Worship services on Wednesday evenings beginning on Wednesday, March 13th, at 6 p.m.
This is a weekly Midweek Lenten Service based on Luther’s Small Catechism.

“Until ALL Have a Piece of the Pie”
For World Hunger!

This year’s theme for the Annual Fundraising for World Hunger for Synod Assembly is “Until ALL Have a Piece of the Pie”.

During Lent, we will pass around pie plates at all services to collect for World Hunger. We are asking for a suggested donation of $3.14 (pi) to go towards World Hunger. This donation will be brought to Synod Assembly.

A “Pie Social” will be held on Sunday, March 17 and Monday, March 18 following worship both days. You will be able to purchase a “piece” of pie for $3.14 or a whole pie (prices to be determined). If you can make pies for this pie social, please contact Donna Eliason (241-7199) or Robbie Schultz (908-421-4654). This event is open to the community, so please invite your family and friends to join us for a “Piece of Pie”. Ice cream will also be served with the pie if you wish.

Together, let’s TAKE A BITE OUT OF HUNGER and make a real impact with our World Hunger Offerings!

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21 Mesnard Street
L'Anse, MI 49946
Phone: 906-524-6484